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Bariatric Food Tips

Portrait young woman deciding whether to eat healthy food or sweet cookies she is craving sitting at table isolated grey wall background. Human face expression emotion reaction Diet nutrition concept

Smart essential bariatric tips

Take Control

Things are different when you have a four ounce stomach. We used to save best for last, but now we’d better eat it first! Now we have to chew food and think about the texture. No more big bites! Here is our short list of smart and essential bariatric tips.

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1. Sit at a table ! Before surgery, many of us inhaled our meal in front of the television or while standing over the sink. It’s very important to put your portion on a small plate, sit down at a table and pay attention to what you are eating.  Really enjoy it.

2. Eat at Home. Chain restaurants achieve consistency of flavors with the use of processed sauces and packaged components that have hidden ingredients like high fructose corn syrup food starches and fat. At home, when you roast a chicken thigh and pair it with a simple salad you know what is on the plate. 

3. Cook .  There are generations of people who do not know how to feed themselves. Begin to cook meals for yourself, your family and friends. It’s healthier for everyone in the house. Make better choices for yourself and for your family.

4. Eat within 1 hour of Feet on Floor.  We all know this so let’s just DO IT. Studies show that people who don’t eat breakfast weigh more than those who do. Skipping breakfast keeps the body in starvation mode. Break the fast and stoke the body with enough energy to burn some of that stored fat.

5. Have Plan of Attack for the Restaurant. Almost all restaurants have websites and full menus online. Look at the menu in advance to get an idea of what appetizers or entrees will work for your surgery. It’s a lot easier knowing before you arrive.

Bariatric surgery is not easy nor is it the easy way out. It takes time to get used to these changes and it take strength and dedication.

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