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5 Types of Weight Loss Procedures, Surgery and how they Work

What is bariatric surgery or gastric bypass? To some, these terms might be completely alien; to others, not so much. A report from 2013 claims that bariatric surgery is one of the most effective forms of weight loss treatment used  to counter morbid obesity. That being said, there are a number of different surgical procedures which are aimed at weight loss.

Over the course of this blog we’re going to get into the details of some of these procedures. This includes their effectiveness as well as a little on how they are performed.

5 Different Types of Procedures

There are a number of different procedures used to address weight loss. Some of these as you will soon find are more popular than others. Without further delay, here they are!

Gastric Sleeve

Also known as sleeve gastrectomy, this procedure involves the reduction of stomach size. This is done by removing a part of the stomach. The name sleeve is given as that is the structure the stomach takes post surgery.

This surgery is meant to reduce hunger by making the patient feel full quicker. It is extremely popular due to its effectiveness as well as due to the fact that it is one of the quicker procedures available.


This involves wrapping and compartmentalizing the stomach with the help of a band. The bands in question come from various companies. This procedure reduces the size of the stomach (through band compartmentalization) hence makes patients feel fuller quicker.

Though this surgery too is effective, there are certain problems with it such as band erosion.

Gastric Bypass

This form of surgery works both by reducing stomach size as well as by rearranging the intestines in a way that allows for quicker excretion of unabsorbed food. In most cases, this food would be converted to fat cells hence the surgery is also quite effective in the area of weight loss.

This surgery is also known to allow for a weight loss of up to 60% within the span of twelve months.

Duodenal Switch

This technique involves a number of steps. These include downsizing ones stomach surgically, intestinal redirecting and gall bladder removal.

The results are notable health improvements by way of reduced hunger, non-absorbtion of excess minerals and immense weight loss.

Gastric Balloon

Believe it or not, this procedure involves placing between one and three balloons in the stomach in order to reduce space and make it feel full sooner. These are not your average balloons but special medical tools made of silicone.

This procedure is hugely beneficial for weight loss and other ailments but the balloons require removal on a six month basis.



What’s the Best?

We can’t really say what the best of these is. What we can say is MINI BYPASS, gastric bypass and sleeve surgery is definitely among the most sought out!


Though effective, if done in the U.S., some of these procedures can be quite a burden on ones finances. A number of people have proceeded to seek bariatric surgery in Mexico and other places due to the availability of affordable high quality healthcare. If you’re someone who is currently looking for bariatric treatment options abroad, pick your desired treatment and give us a shout!

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