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ways to get off a post surgery plateau.

Here are the basics again. Let’s chat.

When the scale isn’t moving, try these strategies to get you back on track.  While it may be frustrating, it is not uncommon to reach a plateau at any stage of eating after bariatric surgery, especially as you get closer to your target weight.  Don’t let it discourage you.  The following tips will help:

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Try This ,,,

Try Eating Different Foods. Sometimes people get into a food rut, eating the same things day in and day out. This may lead to overeating as a result of feeling bored. An easy fix? Add more variety to your diet by including some new foods and seasonings when you plan your meals and snacks. And don’t be afraid to try some new recipes as well, we have so many for each and every stage of WLS recipes.  This may be just what you need to start moving the scale again in the right direction.

Get adequate exercise. Enjoy a fitness program based on interval training, during which you alternate short bursts of high-intensity effort with slower recovery periods to catch your breath and allow your muscles to recharge. When you do intervals, you end up burning more calories and fat in less time than you would if you were working out at a steady pace. You’ll develop more lean muscle mass too, which helps to further boost metabolism and that in turn will help you get off that plateau.

Write what you bite. Without even realizing it, you may be eating too much of certain foods that are known to stall your losses. A good rule of thumb: Keep tabs on everything you eat in a journal, so you are aware of what you’re consuming each day. We recommend taking a close look at the amount of high density and calorie items like nuts and cheese you’re snacking on and cutting back on these items if you find you’re eating too much..

Consider your health, not the scale.  It’s possible that your loss has stalled because you’ve already reached your healthiest numbers – even if it’s not your desired numbers. If your cholesterol and blood-sugar levels have normalized, your desire to continue to lose more may be a matter of cosmetics. In this case, rather than focusing on the number on your scale, focus on how much better you feel and how much healthier you are.

Much success in your journey.

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