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Why IVF in Mexico is Popular

Aside from the affordability, there are numerous reasons why patients are seeking IVF treatment in Mexico, rather than in medical facilities at home.

The Cost of IVF

On average, a fresh IVF cycle can cost up to $12,000 and that is before we add the costs of medication. When summed up, the total cost of one IVF cycle can be as high as $20,000 in the United States. Considering the fact that the average US income is merely twice as this amount, it is not surprising that a small number of people go for this procedure.

IVF in Mexico is considered to be a much safer and affordable option.

Considering IVF in Mexico

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 12.1% of women aged 15-44 have infertility problems. With such a concerning number, it is crucial that these women are provided with the best resources that can help them reproduce successfully. And with accessible options in Mexico, that has become quite possible.

Cost of IVF in Mexico

In comparison to fertility treatment in USA or UK, Mexican clinics offer a lot more in terms of affordability. The average cost of IVF in Mexico varies from $5,000 to $7,000. There are usually no hidden costs. Though, if you’re worried about any added expenses, the best way to assure your security is by approaching a reliable medical program like International Patient Facilitators for your procedure.

Quality of Care

Mexico benefits from universal healthcare so their quality of treatment and care far exceeds expectations for those concerned. They provide their best physicians and facilities for international patients and maintain a level of medical care that allows the patient to feel at ease as well.

The facilities focus on optimal care because they understand the importance of the procedure. By offering a caring environment, they take away some of the worries one may have about their treatment, thus allowing them to pay more attention to the task at hand.

Updated Equipment

The equipment used by IVF clinics in Mexico are state-of-the-art. These facilities use highly advanced IVF equipment such as inverted microscopes, incubators, advanced stereo microscopes, embryo freezers and storage tanks for IVF embryo safekeeping. They also maintain temperature control and humidity to ensure that the embryos are kept in good condition.

Qualified Professionals

This is a major plus for patients concerned about IVF in Mexico. The professionals in Mexican IVF clinics offer their complete attention to the patients they’re assigned to. With an overworked and underfunded staff in hospitals in the US, not many patients are able to receive the comprehensive care they’re required. However, Mexican clinics provide a complete team of gynecologists, biologists, nutritionists and nurses.

Safety of IVF in Mexican Clinics

The best way to ensure your safety and effective treatment is by using the best sources at hand, namely us!

We understand your predicament and offer our help so you can receive the treatment you require. We also provide comprehensive care for patients who need affordable bariatric surgery for their health, among other procedures.

For better chances, contact us and allow us to provide you with our comprehensive assistance!

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