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Name:Blair and Marysia


We are SO PROUD to announce the arrival of our son Alexander Jozef Waritsky who joined us Tuesday evening at 8:29 pm.

Thank you again to all of you! Without you all, we wouldn’t be here


Blair, Maria & Alexander
Name:Janel and Mike


Hi Sheri! Allow me to introduce Michael Luke Miranda born June 5, 2012. He was 7lbs 15 oz. Mike and I are very excited and adjusting to parenthood at this time. Thank you for all your help making this dream possible! Mike and I will be contacting you for round two in hopes of a brother or sister for him. Thank you again for everything!!

Best regards,

Mike & Janel Miranda

Name: Laurence and Kevin


Kevin and I went for our 6 weeks ultrasound this morning. Yes, we are expecting twins! Thank you for everything! Laurence.


Kevin and Laurence have the great pleasure to announce the birth of Lily and Fiona, born January 21st, at 4:47 pm, in Montreal.

Lily was born first. At birth, she weighed 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs). Her sister, Fiona, came quickly after, born 2 minutes later. She weighed 3 kg (6.6 lbs). Two beautiful and healthy little girls! A blessing!

Laurence is slowly recuperating from her cesarean, Kevin was promoted to chief assistant (he does everything except breastfeeding… yes, it means diapers change and baths) and everybody should be home by January 25.

Hugs and kisses, Kevin and Laurence.