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Medical Tourism Insurance

All surgeries, no matter how minor, have inherent risks and possibly additional expenses. While surgeons and hospital staff take precautions to minimize complications, they can still happen. Because your procedure is self-paid, you will be required to cover additional expenses should a complication occur during the procedure. This Complications Insurance policy provides you the peace of mind you deserve by covering the extra medical, hospital and lodging expenses resulting from a medical complication that occurs during a covered treatment in Mexico. All at a very low premium.

These are some of the benefits offered by this policy:

• Up to $160,000.00 USD coverage and up to12 months after a complication occurs.
• No deductible or coinsurance.
• Higher coverage and limits than other policies in the market.
• Novamar Insurance Mexico and ACE Seguros are both located in Mexico to provide local service.
• Direct payment to most hospitals and doctors. In this manner,you avoid paying out of your pocket and waiting for reimbursements


  • Additional Medical Expenses
  • Additional Daily Hospital Room
  • Additional Medical Consultations
  • Travel and accommodation daily expenses
  • Additional Travel Expenses
  • Accommodation and Plane Ticket for non-scheduled visit to the Doctor up to 12 months later
  • Trip Cancellation
  • Trip Delay
  • Travel Liability
  • Accidental Death
  • Lost Baggage
  • Travel Assistance 24/7


If you’d like to purchase or learn more about the Medical Tourism Insurance, please visit

Or contact Novamar Insurance Mexico at Mex. (322) 297 6440 / 01 800 627 4637 / USA 1 949 274 4111

This program is underwritten by ACE Seguros, a worldwide leader insurance company with operations in 54 countries.