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IVF with Donor Eggs

Egg Donation and IVF Treatment


Egg Donation is when a women produces one or several eggs for the sole purpose of IVF or Assisted Reproduction Technology. For ART, an egg donation is the process of IVF because these eggs will be fertilized in our laboratories. Once these eggs have been produced and retrieved, the egg donor’s job is then complete.

The necessity for an egg donor may arise for many reasons. Couples who experience Infertility will request egg donation once the female partner cannot have their own genetic children due to the fact that she may not have the eggs that can generate a pregnancy.

The most frequent cause of infertility in women are due to problems with Ovulation. Women who experience premature menopause and who suffer from Ovarian Failure or who have other problems with egg production can use donated eggs to conceive through InVitro Fertilization.

Once we have the donated egg, it is fertilized with the partner’s sperm through the process of ICSI and the embryos are transplanted into the women’s uterus through the process of InVitro Fertilization. The couple often chooses the donor eggs or egg donor. We screen each egg donor and this includes a thorough testing genetically and physically and mentally. Our egg donors need to be between the ages of 20 to 30 and many of them have their own family. We like to match donor egg recipients with donors who share their similar physical characteristics which include the same skin color, eye color and other similar qualities.


All egg donors are screened for infectious diseases like HIV and for sexually transmitted diseases and for Hepatitis. We then choose the donor and the donor is anonymous. We decide this with the couple receiving the IVF donor egg.

We next need to synchronize the menstrual cycles of the donor-recipient and the egg donor. We use IVF fertility drugs to match the cycles and we make sure that the collection of the eggs and the embryo transfer will happen on the best day for conception.

To thicken the uterus to prepare for the embryo transfer, fertility drugs are given to the recipient to induce ovulation.

When the lining of the uterus is ready and thickened up, supplements that are hormonal are taken for about seven to ten days before embryo transfer. The uterus lining and the hormone levels are checked by blood samples and ultrasounds intra/vaginally.


When the uterus lining is ready for implantation, we retrieve the donors eggs. We then need to gather sperm for IVF. Using a thin wand, eggs are collected by a suction device and are removed directly from the ovarian follicles. The donor is given a mild sedation and the whole process takes a half hour to 40 minutes. Sometimes light cramping is felt from the donor.

Donor Eggs Mexico

Our egg recipient will need to take estrogen and progesterone and will continue thickening the lining of the uterus. We fertilize the donated eggs by injecting them by ICSI into the very center of the egg. The cells begin to divide and multiply and the fertilization process “begins”.

The IVF doctors and our IVF clinic will then decide which is the best time for embryo transfer. One to Five days after fertilization the embryos can be transferred. We will implant the embryo during the best stage of fertilization to try and ensure that our embryo will successfully implant due to its maturity.

Using a Catheter the embryos are then placed into the uterus and our patient is resting for a couple of hours afterward. The quantity of embryos which are transferred during the IVF procedure will depend on the IVF doctors recommendations for each individual couple.

What do we do with extra embryos? Often once we induce ovulation, more eggs than we need are produced. Fertilized eggs will be frozen and can be stored for future IVF treatments. This will be discussed on a patient to patient basis.

Become Part of a Successful Egg Donor Program

With the highest IVF success rates, Mexico has become a preferred destination for egg donor and IVF programs. Plan your IVF surgery with one of the best IVF specialists in Mexico.