Everybody loves a bright smile and wants to have good looking white teeth. Due to factors such as habit of chewing tobacco, smoking, excess consumption of dark coffee or tea, or a neglected oral hygiene, the teeth are decolorized.

Dental bleaching, popularly known as tooth whitening is a procedure in cosmetic dentistry which many people have adopted to brighten their teeth. It is a widely practiced method with a very high customer satisfaction rate. Within an hour it can lighten the tooth color by about two shades.

The procedure of teeth whitening

The teeth whitening process generally starts by first placing a chemical barrier to protect the gums during the process. Then a peroxide whitening solution is applied on the teeth. This bleaching agent is then activated using heat or laser light, which also accelerates the overall process. The level of hydrogen peroxide in the bleaching agent is at 15% which gives optimum results and is considered fully safe for gums and teeth.

The entire process lasts for about 60 minutes. The procedure is complete in itself and no follow-up treatment is required for the same.

Are there any side effects of dental bleaching?

The teeth whitening process is safe with no harmful side effects. It does not remove any enamel layers. A few people however experience certain amount of temporary sensitivity on the teeth which eventually wears off in a couple of hours.

How long do the results last? Is there any after treatment care required?

This treatment lightens the shade of the teeth, and if proper oral hygiene is maintained the results should last for about one two years. One should talk to the dentist about what care should be taken to maintained the achieved results. A basic oral hygiene supported by good quality dental care products will definitely keep the effects for a longer time.

Before undergoing the tooth whitening, it is wise to let the dentist know if you have any veneers or false teeth, as it may need a special consideration.

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