Crown is a kind of dental implant that is used to rebuild a broken tooth. It is also used to restore a tooth weakened by decay or a large filling. The crown looks like an actual tooth. This is then fitted over the damaged tooth to get back its original shape and strength.

The crown is used in the following cases.

  • To improve the appearance of a damaged or discolored tooth fillings.
  • After a root canal treatment, the tooth needs to be protected.
  • To restore the shape of a tooth damaged in an accident.
  • Crowns are also used to hold denture or a bridge firmly in place.


What is the crown made up of?

A variety of materials are used to make crowns. Some popular choices for making crowns are given as follows:


These Crowns are mostly used for front teeth. They look natural but score low on durability side.


These are the crowns that are most widely used. These are fairly strong with longer durability. The base is made of precious metals and this is covered with a porcelain layers.


These are made from the combination of porcelain and resin composite material. The crown of this material is natural looking but less in strength as compared to metal bonded crown.


These crowns are very strong and last long. Made with gold and palladium these crowns don’t look like natural teeth. Hence these crowns are not used for front teeth where these are very visible.

How long would a crown last?

Crowns do not decay by themselves and hence have a potential to last for a long time. If you follow the instructions of your dentist, you can be assured that your crown will serve you a long time to come. Placing crown over the tooth is completely painless and can take a maximum of one or two sessions. In the first session, the tooth shape and shade will be taken and then the crown is prepared. The second session will place the crown over the prepared tooth. Some patients may need a few days to get adjusted with the new crown. Overall you can be assured that a good quality crown will make your life lot easier.

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