These implants are strong enough, that you can restart chewing the food that you had to previously skip owing to lost teeth. You will feel more confident as you will be dining and smiling like a normal person with healthy teeth.

Dental implants are a savior to the people who have lost a tooth due to a trauma or a disease. These implants have helped people to regain their normal lives.

They look so natural that an onlooker cannot make out the difference between an implanted ones and the natural teeth. You can regain all your normal functions within a short period after the procedure. The ease and effectiveness of our dental care is evident from the fact that more and more people are opting for this simple process.

Implants With Care

The team of qualified dentists at Cancun and Tijuana has a vast experience. The experts in the area of dental care can bestow you with a set of perfect teeth that will bring the natural smile and look, back to your face. The set of new dentures or a few teeth can be so easily implanted that they snugly fit into your mouth without giving any odd feeling.

Our expert dentists study your jaw structure and suggest the proper method of carrying out implants that will retain your facial look.


  • No lose parts: Our procedures would not leave any lose parts in your mouth. They are properly secured and safe.
  • Lasts for long: They last a lifetime (at least more than 15 years) in almost all cases without causing any trouble.
  • Strong enough: These implants are strong enough to allow you to chew even hard fruits like apple.
  • Painless process: This process causes no pain and does not tax your body.

The Most Simple Process

It is just a surgical procedure that places implant or implants in your jaw bone. It requires three to six months to heal for the placement of implant restoration, also known as crown.

During this healing period, Osteointegration causes in and around the titanium implant creating a very strong support for the crown. After sufficient healing, we place an abutment and the final porcelain crown.

There is no pain felt during the process. It is performed under local anesthesia and sometimes under general anesthesia, depending upon the request.

Dental Implants


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