Many people are irrationally scared of this process. An extensively damaged, cracked, or broken beyond repair teeth are the ones that need to be extracted. It is not a bad idea but actually a part of overall oral care. The other reason why this option may be considered is the length of the treatment, the cost of the treatment and the possibility of low success rate of other treatments in a particular case. Another factor that may necessitate a tooth extraction is severe damage of the gums. Extraction is also recommended many times in case of wisdom tooth.


Sometimes the extraction is the best remedy to prevent further problems to other teeth and gums, and to protect bones too. After an extraction one can undergo other processes like dental implants to tackle the absence of tooth.

Process of Extraction

Initially the patient is given a local anesthesia and then systematic extraction is carried out. Extractions can be broadly categorized in two:

  • Simple extraction
  • Surgical extraction

The simple extraction is performed over the teeth that are clearly visible. After the local anesthesia is administered, tooth is clasped in holding instrument. Then with the help of dental forceps the tooth is rocked back n forth with slow incremental pressure until it is dislodged from the place.

The surgical extraction is required when the upper portion of the tooth is broken, or tooth is very difficult to access. The surgical extraction entails the removal of some soft tissues, which cover the tooth.

Another generally adapted procedure is by drilling and splitting the parts of tooth to facilitate the removal.
After the extraction process, the drowsiness due to anesthesia will wear off within a couple of hours. A little amount of bleeding is normal and scar formation is encouraged by placing a sterilized gauge on the portion of the extracted tooth.

It is recommended that people take care not to disturb the clot. Heavy rinsing of the mouth should be avoided because of this. It is also recommended that you should take soft food during the initial days

If you follow the instructions of the dentist you can be assured of a quick and easy recovery from the extraction process. Removal of a bad tooth removal today can prevent complications of oral health tomorrow.

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