Dental cleaning is a basic requirement of the overall oral health. Domestic dental cleaning includes brushing, flossing, and scrubbing.


We all carry out this essential function in order to clean the teeth, and prevent the buildup of plaque and bacteria.


This is done with a flossing thread to clean the area in between the teeth and remove any food lodgings and plaque.


It should be done in order to remove the extra deposit on your teeth. It involves an abrasive to clean the teeth.

Professional Tooth Cleaning

The professional tooth cleaning is done by specialized instruments, which help to loosen and remove the deposits from the teeth. The different processes in tooth cleaning are Tooth scaling, tooth polishing and debridement.

The tooth cleaning by a dental hygienist or a dentist is called Prophylaxis. This is recommended to clean the tarter or mineralized plaque that cannot be cleaned by regular brushing or flossing. This happens in the areas around the teeth that are hard to reach by the person themselves.

Tooth Scaling/Root planning

This process is called as conventional periodontal therapy. This means deep cleaning of the tooth area to remove etiologic agents responsible for causing inflammation. The scaling process involves the removal of plaque and stain from the crown and root areas of the tooth. The root planning process is a special treatment which removes the “cementum” which may contain micro organisms and other toxins.

Tooth Polishing

This process is of smoothing the tooth surface in order to prevent or slow down the deposit of plaque. This is carried out by rubber cup, brush etc.


This refers to the essential process of removing the calculus from the teeth with the help of special ultrasonic equipments

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