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Gastric Balloon

Today, the Gastric Balloon continues to be one of the world’s most important non-surgical option available through International Patient Facilitators.

The concept of this weight loss approach is really quite simple. A balloon is inserted and inflated inside your stomach. In our opinion, the gastric balloon is the best non-surgical option for a restrictive gastric procedure.

The Gastric Balloon remains in the stomach for 6 months prior to removal. Patients need to have a healthy diet and to exercise daily in order to see good, solid results.

The Intra Gastric Balloon is a non-surgical very minimally invasive procedure that involves the placement of an empty silicone balloon into the stomach endoscopically and then it is filled with a blue-tinted saline solution. Patients are under sedation during this procedure. The entire procedure takes approximately 15 minutes and patients are able to return to their accommodations very shortly afterward.

The adjustment period is approximately 2 to 3 days. The Intra Gastric Balloon is a great way to lose weight and it is a completely reversible procedure. A normal weight loss in a 6 month period is anywhere from 30 – 40 lbs.

Intra Gastric Balloon Procedure in Cancun, Tijuana, Mexico: How does it work?

The Intra Gastric Balloon System is a non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical aid in the treatment of obesity. Together with a nutritional plan and behavior modification program, it can help patients reach their weight loss goals.

The Intra Gastric Balloon System is made of a gentle, expandable balloon, a placement tube and a filling station so our bariatric surgeon can orally insert the weight loss aid.

Once inserted in the stomach, the empty balloon is filled with sterile, blue, saline solution. When full, the balloon is too large to pass into the bowel and will now float freely in the stomach offering a good restriction on the amount of food a patient can consume post procedure.