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Affordable IVF, In Vitro Fertilization Treatment in Mexico


Why Should I travel to Mexico for IVF?

Mexico had quickly become the most popular place for Canadians and Americans looking for IVF options. There are many countries that have different laws that do not allow ART / Assisted Reproductive Technology, but in Mexico the legal part is not a problem. We have bilingual IVF specialists and have a lot of experience in treating Medical Tourists. Patients can combine IVF In Vitro treatment with a relaxing holiday in Mexico. This enables them to relax throughout the IVF process in Mexico.

Cost of IVF, Mexico

Fertility Treatment can be financed and is often the largest obstacle for US citizens and Canadian citizens looking for IVF treatments. Most insurance companies do not include IVF in their policies. The costs in the US of traditional IVF is as much as $20K and the cost can rise if there are other procedures such as ICSI or PGD or egg donors. IVF clinics in Mexico have the same high standards as in Canada and the US but the cost of IVF treatments are a lot less expensive.

Mexico, Easy to get to.

The trip to Mexico is quite easy. There are direct flights from every major US and Canadian City. Entry into Mexico requires a passport, but passports today are expedited within 4 weeks. Our IVF patients are able to begin the IVF process at home before making the trip to Mexico and that means that less time is required to stay in Mexico.

Which Treatment do I need?

Is the biggest concern for every couple that considers an Infertility treatment. Consulting a fertility doctor at home is the best way to decide which IVF treatment will be best for you.

IVF costs how much?

By now you have probably searched many places for quotes for IVF procedures. The rule is that IVF costs pretty much the same all over the US, and all over Canada, and all over Mexico. The biggest difference is that many IVF clinics do not include the costs of IVF medications in their quotes and that makes it seem like it costs less. You must add the medications into the quote to get a “true quote for IVF in Mexico”. Our IVF prices cost less than half of what it costs in the US or Canada after you add in the costs for medications, flights and accommodations. That means that IVF is much more affordable in Mexico.


IVF success rates in Mexico?

This is a very important question. Our success rate in Mexico for IVF is the same as it is in Canada or the US. The real IVF facts for success rates comes down to the different treatment options and the age of the women and the number of eggs that the women produce once the ovulation is stimulated with IVF drugs. We have to look at the age of the women because success rates for IVF are much higher for women under 35 but the rates increase when other methods are added such as egg donors, the rates increase dramatically.

IVF risks and complications?


IVF risks are low and there are very few to be mentioned. Multiple pregnancies are a common complication and are directly due to the number of embryos that are implanted into the woman’s uterus. A complication that is rare and is to be considered is an ectopic pregnancy and this almost always happens in the fallopian tubes. Another complication that can occur is hyper-stimulation syndrome which causes the abdomen to swell.

IVF and Age?

Age is a factor for women trying to conceive. Age can affect men by affecting their sperm count and the quality of the sperm which they produce. Women over the age of 35 are at a greater risk of miscarriage and have more difficulties conceiving. Women are born with a certain number of eggs and those eggs are released each month during the ovulation. The women’s body responds less as the women’s body age. The quality of women’s eggs and the number released will decrease each month from the age of 26.

Limitations during InVitro Treatment?

Smoking and Alcohol are not allowed for all women who decide to undergo IVF treatment in Mexico. Once IVF drugs are started, women cannot consume alcohol or smoke. We ask patients to avoid all heavy lifting or strenuous exercise during the IVF cycle. In general, women are able to continue with their “daily life” during treatment.

My IVF plan in Mexico.

Starting the process of IVF in Mexico is exciting and the best beginning is to be well informed of all options available to you. It’s best to request a price quote from our IVF clinic Mexico and get all the facts, costs, IVF treatment options and special preparations that you need to do. We will start your process from back home prior to your trip to Mexico. Once arriving in Mexico, it usually takes approximately 16 to 18 days before you can return home.

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