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World Stem Cells Clinic

downloadAt World Stem Cells, LLC advanced stem cell procedures are performed by our contract clinics and hospitals, your Stem cells are tested, processed and data recorded at a state of the art facility, thus guaranteeing the highest level of quality and safety for our patients.

Our contract clinic provides stem cell treatments are using adipose, cord blood and bone marrow derived stem cells. The cells are from the patient (autologus) or other donors (allogeneic). no fetal or embryonic stem cells are used to avoid the potential of adverse medical reactions such as graft vs. host disease and possible contaminants.

We provide facilitation services to the patient inclluding comunication between the patient and clinic, tecchical information, collection of medical records and medical forms. Our medical staff and clinical physicians review the patient’s chart specifying the optimal treatment approach. No one treatment fits all therefore each treatment is taillored to the patients.

World Stem Cells, LLC will provide advice regarding your travel and lodging options. You will be accompanied throughout the treatment period. Worl Stem Cells, LLC will maintain contact and post treatment for data collection to advance the research.