fotoequipomedicoacapucloIrega Acapulco has everything to bring YOU closer to parenthood with the help of trustworthy, qualified, professional infertility specialists in Mexico.

Irega Acapulco is home to a team of experts in fertility care, passionate about helping you pursue your dream of having a baby. With certified specialists, experience and advanced technology in assisted reproduction, the clinic has helped families to grow through the years.

The IVF journey to becoming a parent can be overwhelming. Where do I start? Who do I trust? Am I a candidate for IVF treatments? Can I afford IVF in Mexico? Answers to these questions and many more you will find here at IREGA ACAPULCO MEXICO.

IVF clinics in Mexico are unique and multifaceted fertility clinics providing patients with comprehensive diagnostic testing and related treatment. IVF clinics in Mexico are equipped with state-of-the-art, technologically advanced medical equipment; designed for optimal use of space and convenience for patients, IVF specialists and team members.

You are treated with respect and dignity in a friendly and comfortable environment. Our Fertility clinic Irega in Acapulco Mexico is dedicated to consistently providing quality care. We are an IVF clinic that speaks your language.

Why travel to Acapulco Mexico for IVF?

IREGA ACAPULCO MEXICO has advanced and therapeutic techniques of the highest quality care in a warm and comfortable environment. Doctors who specialize in Acapulco IREGA IVF understand that seeking fertility treatments can be stressful and exhausting for couples, so the clinic’s staff does everything possible to achieve satisfactory results in the least intrusive manner. Dr. Adam Oliveros Ceballos and his team take pride in providing patients with a full range of fertility services such as IVF, the ICSI, and Egg Donation with the best quality and treatment techniques and technology.

Why choose Irega for IVF in Mexico?

  •  The clinic is one of the few fertility centers in Mexico with a 60% success rate and offers an additional warranty cycle, using the best laboratory of this generation as well as genetics and biology. 
  • Acapulco Irega Clinic Fertility Centre was the first established in the Pacific and the Mexican Caribbean. 
  • The first IVF baby was created and born in the Mexican Caribbean and Pacific. 
  • The first babies by PESA and IVF in the Pacific and Caribbean Sea. 
  • The vitrified embryos first created in the Pacific and the Mexican Caribbean. 
  • The clinic is the first egg bank Mexican Caribbean and Pacific. 
  • The first baby born from frozen eggs in the Mexican Caribbean and Pacific. 
  • The first baby by a sperm donor in the Pacific Mexican Caribbean.

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