Obesity Goodbye Center in Tijuana

la foto-1The Obesity Goodbye Centre in Tijuana is located just a few steps over the USA/ Tijuana Border. We count with a full operating theatre / post operative area and recovery rooms specializing in Bariatric Procedures.

This Center includes an x.ray area, offices for lab work, EKG area for patients.

Tijuana, Mexico, is famous for its large Medical Tourism Program. The Obesity Goodbye Center in Tijuana, Mexico has one of the best Bariatric Surgery Programs with the outstanding Bariatric Team of Dr. Sergio Verboonen. This surgery center has wide-ranging facilities for bariatric surgery procedures. This surgery center provides bariatric surgery in Tijuana. Obesity Goodbye center caters to people from all around the world.

INT Hospital in Tijuana

UnknownThe INT Hospital is a multi-specialty hospital located in the Financial District of Tijuana, Mexico. Founded in 2002 they offer state-of-the-art diagnostic, therapeutic and intensive care facilities in a one-stop medical centre.

Their commitment to the highest standards in service and technology combined with compassionate and expert care follows our philosophy of exceeding expectations for our International Patients.

Private rooms and suites are luxuriously appointed to promote the comfortable recovery of our patients.

Together with our distinguished Bariatric team of Dr. Sergio Verboonen, his nurses and his staff, we indulge our patients in every way we can to ensure their comfortable and speedy recovery.

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