Shift focus to healthy eating – bariatric edition

It doesn’t matter if you have had bariatric surgery, are thinking about having bariatric surgery or are not intending to have any surgery.  We all know that losses on the scale are no easy task.  There are such a crazy amount of factors to take into account – just maintaining our weight is a challenge […]

Perfect Lunch for Bariatric Clients

Being prepared is the best way to be successful post bariatric surgery.  Like everybody, bariatric post ops need to plan their meals and they can either not eat lunch, visit the local diner for lunch or eat something that they bring from home. Sometimes we don’t have an option and we skip our lunch due […]

Essential components for big losses – bariatric edition.

Big losses are going to occur when you get a lot of the different components correct.  This is an important part of the equation.  Post bariatric surgery, clients lose weight due to primarily the restriction they feel and the food choices they are making but when stalls and plateaus occur, there are other places we […]

Reading Food Labels 101 – Bariatric Edition

Maneuvering your way around the grocery store can feel like a gigantic maze designed to make you feel confused.  We have labels on foods items shouting out how healthy they are for us on the front packages but when you turn them over, and look at the nutritional label, what are you looking for ? […]

Better sleep for better losses – bariatric edition

Better Sleep = Better Weight Loss Are you one of the millions of people who struggle with getting sufficient sleep ?  Are you also struggling to reach your weight loss goals ? These two situations share a strong association and the research suggests that if you improve one, you will have a beneficial effect on […]

Truths and Realities – Bariatric Edition

Realities Versus Myths  We are all part of a very weight conscious time and era.  We have all been affected by it.  The media pushes imagines of a teeny tiny waists from the decade of the 1950s to the super skimpy skirts of the 1960s.  The 1970s showed us how to let it all go […]

Following the plan ? Bariatric Edition

There is so much information online and we have everything at our fingertips.  People just have so much more information than they did back 10 years ago and they are so much more knowledgeable today about bariatric surgery.  Some clients believe that the online world is such a wealth of knowledge that they don’t really […]

Bariatric Keto – Do you want to try it ?

Keto Keto keto, it’s all you hear about today – the ketogenic diet.  It’s everywhere.   Your Mom’s doing it, your best friend is trying it and your neighbour talks non-stop about it.  But can you, as a bariatric patient try the ketogenic diet and will it work for you ? The short definition of […]

Back to Basics – Bariatric Edition

The sun is shining and summer is right around the corner.  It is time to take off that last layer of clothing and we are thinking about our bathing suits and that summer vacation that we have been planning for a while now.  Front headlines are shouting about their latest “bikini ready diet” or “shed […]

Eat Real Food – Bariatric Edition

Not all health experts are going to agree with me but I believe that there is a secret solution to get rid of any re-gain or to break a stall and to regain your health.  It’s not some crazy trick or some super supplement either.  It’s just one thing and this one thing can make […]

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