Small changes Huge losses – Bariatric Edition

It is challenge time for all of you reading this ! For bariatric clients it sometimes feels like we need to have the “all or nothing” mentality.  I am here to tell you that making small changes and tweaks to your daily nutrition and lifestyle can make a huge difference on the scale.  Instead of […]

Eating Out Post Bariatric Surgery – Bariatric Edition

Ideas for eating out and how to make good decisions. We all try our best not to eat out all the time but there are times when we find ourselves at a social gathering or on a date night or with a group of friends and the meeting is at a restaurant.  It is important […]

Back to Basics – Bariatric Edition

I am always talking about getting “back on track” and what I mean by that is getting “back to the bariatric basics”.  How do we go about that ?  Well, let’s have a little talk about what we need to do to get mentally and physically back on track if our eating habits haven’t been […]

Fall – The Best Season To Lose Weight – Bariatric Edition

Oversized sweaters, leggings and pumpkin spice …it’s the Fall season !  I am jumping up and down in joy that it’s here.  I love Spring AND Summer AND Fall (not so much winter) but this change in season also represents more than extra lip balm and an extra layer of clothes – not to mention […]

Protein Debate: Bariatric Edition

So much information out there.  So much “misinformation” out there also.  So what’s a bariatric patient to do ?  You’ve taken the important decision to improve your health and to lose weight and eat better and the media is telling you to LOAD UP on PROTEIN.  That means that you should start downing protein shakes, […]

Getting Back Up – Bariatric Edition

Newbies don’t want to hear about it and those that are 9 months out of their bariatric surgery don’t believe it will ever happen to them….what am I talking about ???  falling off the wagon or getting out of healthy habits or allowing bad habits to creep back into our lives….   It happens to […]

The WLS Pouch – Bariatric Edition

How does bariatric surgery work ? Why do patients lose weight quickly? Let’s chat a bit about why it works and how to get the best results post surgery and what you can do to ensure success. This type of surgery has a few different aspects to it and one of them is “restriction”.  The […]

Shout Out to Idaho ! – Bariatric Edition

Hi Everybody.  I am your bariatric nutritionist and surgery coordinator.  I had the opportunity this past weekend to fly from Tijuana (San Diego) with Dr. Sergio Verboonen and his wife Dr. Indira Partida,  and I got the chance to meet up with so many of you that have had bariatric surgery with us in the […]

Break the Plateau – Bariatric Edition

We are happily cruising along post bariatric surgery and we are thrilled with our results and then it happens … Plateaus, stalls, getting stuck – there are a lot of different ways to to call the dreaded stage where the scale doesn’t move and it just continues to stay in the same place.  This is […]

Understanding Carbs – Bariatric Edition

My intention here is to make it easy to understand your carbohydrates.  How can we control our intake of carbohydrates when we don’t know what they really are.  Sure, there are the ones that stand out like bread and tortillas, crackers and rice – but let’s dive a bit deeper.  Why are we trying to […]

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