Proper Portion Post Bariatric Surgery? – Bariatric Edition

What does a proper portion look like after bariatric surgery? This is not a cookie cutter answer because it will depend on what kind of bariatric surgery was performed and how far along our client is.  It also depends a lot on the kinds of foods that the person is consuming after their weight loss […]

I Don’t Need To Follow Keto – Bariatric Edition

I don’t need to follow a ketogenic lifestyle.  I am not overweight. How much truth is there to this statement? I often hear that a ketogenic lifestyle is for the overweight person.   I do not agree with this.  Keto is for everyone. Keto, if done correctly, is not really a diet.  It is just […]

Keto Snacks Are Bad for Keto Bariatric Edition

You all know that I am a huge fan of the ketogenic lifestyle and how I also endorse Intermittent Fasting (IF) for bariatric clients who are further into their journey.   Join me this week in the IF challenge / week 2 in Fasting February is to Intermittent Fast for 17 hours and our eating […]

Keto Food List / The Breakdown Bariatric Edition

You know what I really dislike doing when discussing any food plans with any of my clients?  I truly dislike talking about the things that clients should refrain from eating.  I always prefer to discuss what clients CAN eat.  It is a much nicer and kinder way to go about cleaning up their diet.   […]

Ketogenic Menu Planning Bariatric Edition

Are you getting ready to start keto but you can only think of a few meals and you are getting stuck ? Are you having a hard time putting together meals which meet the ketogenic criteria? Who has time to count macros? and what’s a healthy fat and where do you find healthy carbs? This […]

How To Start a Bariatric Keto Plan? Bariatric Edition

Sticking to our January theme – January is ketogenic month! It is a delight for me when clients reach out because they are interested in starting keto.  Sure, in the beginning it may be a bit of a “fad diet” that peaked their interest but I know that over time, if they adhere to the […]

Intermittent Fasting After Weight Loss Surgery Bariatric Edition

Should bariatric clients adopt IF into their life-styles? As I promised last week in my FB live video, the month of January 2019 is all about the Ketogenic lifestyle for post weight loss surgery clients.  A very popular theme in the ketogenic community is Intermittent Fasting so I do feel that we need to also […]

Keto and Fasting – Bariatric Edition

Going into the New Year with big resolutions is something that a lot of us do but the reality is that it is not so easy to follow through.  Even though we have the very best of intentions, we often slip and that’s because we don’t have what we need to succeed. Hands up if […]

Best Bariatric Diet in 2019 – Bariatric Edition

Hello and thanks for clicking through to my blog post today about the best diets for 2019.  I think that I may have used the word “Diet” in the title in order to get your attention.  The reality is that I don’t believe in “diets”.  Diets mean restriction and they also mean that you lose […]

Holiday Food Blues – Bariatric Edition

The holidays are upon us and with that brings the parties and events and family gatherings.  Most of us are food focused and thinking of the holidays immediately brings to mind all of the delicious food that will be served when our family and friends gather together.   Let’s chat about how it feels after […]

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