Time to RANT – KetoCyborgs – Bariatric Edition

I have been allowing this to build up inside of me for quite a while.  I am generally the most positive person/ nutritionist/ surgery coordinator BUT I have decided to let you into my head for this blog post and to allow you to understand why I feel so upset lately … In my opinion, […]

Lifestyle is Key – Bariatric Edition

It is a delight for me when clients reach out because they are interested in starting keto.  It’s one of my favorite things to take about …. REAL FOOD!  I love food!! Sure, in the beginning, it may be a bit of a “fad diet” that piqued their interest but I know that over time, […]

Insulin Resistance and YOU – Bariatric Edition

consider myself fortunate.  I am fortunate because I get to write about important issues that affect my clients and their health. I also get to educate them about the serious stuff and then offer effective solutions.  These solutions enable my clients to THRIVE and not just survive. This is my chance to discuss INSULIN. It […]

Keto To The Rescue – Bariatric Edition

It’s one of my favorite topics.  You already know that I am a “low carb” nutritionist and that I believe in the “low carb, ketogenic lifestyle”. How many of you have tried the ketogenic diet?   How many of you lost weight on the ketogenic diet?    How many of you had a hard time […]

Renewing Your Bariatric Vows – Bariatric Talk

First of all, I want to thank all of you who faithfully read my weekly blogs.  Some of you I have known for many years and others I am just getting to know.   We are all at a different stage in the bariatric journey.  Not all of us are at that same place this […]

Low Carb Bread AND Cake – Bariatric Edition

Who misses bread?  Who misses cake?  Me – that’s who!   I don’t often talk about specific recipes or specific ways of cooking but, if you are living a low carb lifestyle, it is so important to come up with ideas to avoid falling off track.  Today is the day I want to talk about […]

Control Over Your Diet Bariatric Edition

What happens when we get derailed with our diet?  What can we do to prevent falling all the way down the rabbit hole?  Isn’t it interesting how one bad meal can turn into a bad week, and then into a bad month?   I am here to offer gentle suggestions and advice to prevent you […]

Mid Spring Bariatric Free Detox Menu Bariatric Edition

Detox? Why do I need a Detox? Sometimes we need that little extra “push” to get back on track.   Sometimes we are feeling low in energy. Sometimes we are not feeling our best. It’s time to shake things up and to start feeling our best.    Food is medicine.  Food is our secret weapon.  […]

Get Serious About Your Health – Bariatric Edition

Here we are, the first week in May. We all survived the long winter and now is the time to get more active and to eat more healthy. We all go through good times and bad times when it comes to our diet but I find that most of us have an easier time during […]

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