Don’t Diet – Bariatric Edition

I know, I know, I know, “lifestyle” is the buzz-word of 2019.  We all hear it everywhere we go. We all know what we should do.  We know that we should be adapting to a healthier overall “lifestyle” post-bariatric surgery.   Sometimes when a word or phrase is “over-used”, it stops doing what it is […]

Protein Shake Realities – Bariatric Edition

Let’s talk about those protein shakes that my clients guzzle down two weeks before their weight loss surgery and for a month after surgery.  What’s in them?  Are they a health food?  Should we keep them in our lives to ensure we get enough protein in our diets?  How much is too much?   I […]

My Get Fit Plan – Bariatric Edition

Last week, while scrolling through my social media, I saw a lot of ads about “getting fit” pop up in my newsfeed. I wonder what I was researching?  Obviously, I googled something with regards to physical fitness, as google now seemed to be stalking me with this same topic. This took me back to the […]

Doing Things Differently – Bariatric Edition

“What is it that we all fear after bariatric surgery”?   I think that the number one answer I get when I ask this question is: the dreaded regain. What I spend a lot of time discussing with my clients is the importance of making real lifestyle changes post weight loss surgery. This is always […]

Always Hungry Post WLS – Bariatric Edition

I run an online support group.  If you would like to be a part of our community, go HERE and send a request to join.  I will approve it and you can be a part of our community.   In our support group, I posted a question last week.  That question was, “What are your […]

The Fat Fast – Bariatric Edition

Following along the same theme as last week (celery juice), I decided to take one of the biggest health trends of 2019 and break it down for you.   Will I be trying this personally?  Yes.  I have done it in the past and it truly helped me.  I will be giving this a try […]

I am stuck – Bariatric Edition

Who feels like this?  Stuck?  In a weight-loss RUT.   Who has fallen off the pink cloud?  Who has realized that their bariatric surgery is just a tool? Who wants to use their tool better to get unstuck?  We all have these feelings at one time or another after weight loss surgery.  The first year […]

Celery Juice and Self Care – Bariatric Edition

Last Sunday I posted a picture of my plan for the week.  I wanted to jump on the “celery juice boat”.  It is something I wanted to do for some time and finally, that time had come and I found celery on sale at my local supermarket.  Good timing! (LOL – true story). Others were […]

Summer Trouble and Other Musings – Bariatric Edition

I know, I know …  What can possibly be disastrous about summer?   What can possibly be disastrous about summer and my personal goals?  What can possibly be disastrous about summer for my clients and their goals?  I always thought that summer was the time of the year where I was most active and my […]

Menu Building – Bariatric Edition

I have been building up to this blog over the last few weeks.  Those of you who read my blogs or watch my FB LIVE videos on a weekly basis will understand what I mean.   I have been talking a lot about low carb/ high-fat eating and how to get it right for bariatric […]

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