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The First Food Stage Post Surgery

Bariatric Clear Liquids  You are home from the hospital and resting uncomfortably on the sofa. All the notes you took as a pre.op are written in Greek, and you  don’t remember what to do. What you may have heard from or about other patients may not be the same for you. To be successful in […]

Exercise that’s not hard on the knees. Excuse Gone. Poof.

our dirty little secret ? I get that we all thought that if we had weight loss surgery it would fix things and we would never need to worry again. That’s just not true.  Surgery Gave us a pass to get out from under the weight but now it’s up to us to preserve that […]

Dining out after bariatric surgery

Spring is here, and for many this is the season when a lot of time will be spent dining out. However, this can be challenging after weight-loss surgery and many people avoid going to restaurants to prevent overeating or eating the wrong foods. But since dining out is a normal part of life for many, […]

Learning to add food back to your diet after surgery.

What is “normal food”? Once released to go on your merry way and eat ‘real’ or ‘normal’ foods proceed with caution.  Many post ops live in the Soft Food Zone forever – not purees or baby food, but just softer moister foods. Foods will need to have a softer texture in the beginning in order to […]

The decision to undergo Bariatric Surgery:

The decision about whether to undergo obesity surgery is fairly complex and most importantly, very personal. You must understand that bariatric surgery is a major undertaking, and though most patients enjoy an improvement in health conditions and self-esteem after successful surgery, these results should not be the overriding motivation for having the procedure. Deciding to […]

Medical Tourism Mexico

What to expect. Medical Tourism with International Patient Facilitators can be best described as the combination of travel to a foreign country to receive affordable medical care with some of the top surgeons and doctors in the chosen country. Is Medical Tourism Safe Let’s talk. The concept of traveling to a foreign country to receive […]

Small Changes/ Big Results!

Every Choice We Make Counts. • If you’re starting on your weight loss journey, or you want to get back on track, just remember, every choice we make counts.  Does it occur to you that every choice we make, even small ones, add up to the bigger picture.  Yes, I know every dieting magazine article […]

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