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Relationships After Bariatric Surgery

Relationships after Bariatric Surgery can change so it’s important to have a good hard think about this and to be prepared as you get ready for your new life changing experience to occur. Let’s talk about the “positive side” of Weight Loss Surgery First :  you are going to feel a whole lot better and […]

Bariatric Pre.op Diet

Almost all patients are going to be nervous and stressed prior to a bariatric procedure in Mexico. Naturally we all love to eat. Even if we can drink all our nutrients through a straw, who would want to ? Many patients are “stress eaters” so “not eating” when they are stressed and anxious before bariatric […]

What is a Pouch Reset?

What is a pouch reset? What an amazing organ our stomach is. It expands to fit large quantities of food and then decreases back to its average size as the food is passed into the digestive tract. Even after bariatric surgery has been done, the stomach keeps stretching and contracting. Today society is filled with […]

Don’t Ignore Too Tight Jeans.

This isn’t necessarily about regain, its about restarting. In those first seven months after surgery, nothing can stop the weight from falling off, but then it all stops and its then up to us. If old habits have not been redirected, this is how you start losing again. Going on a diet is different from the […]

Essential Bariatric Food Tips

Your Monthly Tips Things are different when you have a four ounce stomach instead of a big ole floppy handbag to fill with food. We used to save best for last, but now we’d better eat it first! Smart rules to live by. Share these tips with a bariatric friend or support group! Chew Try […]

Egg Protein/ Egg-Tra-Ordinaire!

During your weight loss phase • Protein is our mainstay during the weight-loss phase, so it’s important to know all about it. How do we know which one is the best? What do we look for? How much do we absorb? There are a lot of protein powders to learn about but there is more […]

Bariatric Surgery: do the benefits outweigh the risks?

Bariatrics, Risk vs Reward    Obesity prevalence is the highest it has ever been. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that more that one-third of adults are affected. And with the increase in obesity comes an increase in the number of bariatric surgery procedures. But how safe are the procedures, and do […]

Why do things taste different

Why do things taste different Is it possible to not like bacon? If you’re a patient who’s had gastric bypass, gastric sleeve or Mini Bypass surgeries, bacon may be one of those foods you just don’t like anymore. Add dairy, sweets and fried foods to that list of dislikes and you may be wondering if the surgeons […]

Let’s discuss a few realities post op

Make Smart Choices Please If you are overweight, obese or morbidly obese and you believe that you eat the same foods as your naturally slim friends, it is a relatively sure bet that you are mistaken. I know this is harsh but it’s the truth. Being ‘naturally’ slim is not just by design, it’s also by […]

How to prevent the stretch after bariatric surgery

Eating one or two large meals will not lead to a permanently stretched stomach or issues with your hunger and fullness triggers. However, doing this multiple times can lead to issues. The list below hi-lights key points to reduce the risk of stretching your stomach after gastric surgery. Tip 1. Limit Volume not Sweets. Instead of […]

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