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Keep Your Focus After Weight Loss Surgery

We all know there is no such thing as perfection, but the longer you work towards eating and living healthy lifestyle habits it will happen Bariatric Success is all about daily habits.  If you persistently expose yourself to good quality meats, veggies & fruit you eventually will “live it” with little effort or if you […]

Are you following this Strategy ?

Let’s face it, life is busy and we’ve been programmed to believe that we don’t have time to cook or prepare meals, and the solution is to pick up a meal-in-a-box or go through the drive-thru to feed our families. Although, there are times in life when this is truly the case, when it comes […]

Stay on Track This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving can be fun, full of laughter & memories, but stressful, and exhausting at the same time.  Follow these simple strategies to stay focused: Don’t skip breakfast, make a plan so that you eat first thing in the morning .  Have an egg or a green protein smoothie to balance blood sugars and keep cravings […]

Bariatrics: the easy way out ?

As a patient coordinator/ liaison and a nutritionist, I stay close with patients before, after, and many years out from surgery. Sadly, there’s often a common misconception that patients who choose to have surgery are taking the “easy way out.” Short story – IMO : going under the knife is not copping out. I find […]

Are You Building Muscle?

After undergoing bariatric surgery, it is important that you take care of your body to ensure the best possible results. What is great about bariatric surgery is that it enables you to lose weight quickly and keep that weight off. Exercise is a key player in keeping your body healthy and strong after bariatric surgery. […]

Are You Dehydrated?

Are you 5 or 6 weeks post op and suddenly have terrible Nausea and feel just completely terrible ?  What could be wrong? You could be in the throes of DEHYDRATION, which is the number one post op complication that WILL land you back in a hospital bed. Water is CRITICAL after surgery and most […]

Can I Still OverEat After Gastric Sleeve Surgery ?

While surgery makes it harder to overeat, it’s still possible, especially when you get further out from surgery. There are behaviors that can lead to eating way more than you should be able to. Here are a few ways that can happen. I’m telling you this to help you avoid these situations, so please use the information […]

No Candy for Halloween ? Post Ops Bariatric Surgery

Huge bags of ‘fun sized’ Halloween candy are piled high at the grocery store. Everywhere you go today has a big dose of candy mania.  NOT EAT CANDY CORN.  Not a single piece. You already know what it tastes like. You can think about it and conjure up that exact taste in your mouth. You can taste […]

Think Healthy to be Healthy

Retraining our brains to “think healthy” takes some time and energy and understanding.  Remember, your old habits were not created in one single day and the new habits are going to take some work, time and consistency.  You need to stick it out long enough so that your brain has sufficient time to form the […]

Prep for your bariatric surgery

Let’s talk. The weeks and days prior to this important turning point in your life can make such a positive impact on your health that it is actually the first step in your recovery. CANCUN TIJUANA Getting Prepared.  Lose at least a little weight. Many surgeons require that their surgical candidates lose weight just prior […]

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