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How to Triumph and Accelerate Weight Loss – Bariatric Edition

This is one of the times of the year which has my inbox full of bariatric clients asking about their surgery results and why is it that their scale is a bit stuck.  Everybody is very motivated when the New Year begins and then by about February and March the will-power starts to falter and […]

Your Pouch and Digestion Bariatric Edition

The way we cook Isn’t it interesting how post bariatric surgery – some foods go down easily and others give us a bit of trouble ?  One day you can have yourself a serving of creamy chicken and the next day a grilled chicken breast makes you feel bad and like it’s stuck in the […]

Plateaus and Stalls

This is a question that I have answered in the past but I want to revisit it again because it is one of the most popular questions that I get asked.  “How can I break my weight loss stall or plateau” ?  This is not “regain” – this is just that part of your journey […]

What kind of calories post bariatric surgery ?

how many calories per day should a bariatric client eat ? “Counting Calories is Fun” …. said no one ever. This is one of the questions which I get asked every day from bariatric clients who are starting their journey but also from bariatric clients who are years post op.  Let’s break it down and […]

Throw Away The Soda – Bariatric Edition

One of the best tips you will ever receive as a bariatric client is to not consume your calories in the form of drinks.  Sugary sodas and sweetened beverages will sabotage your nutritional regimen and the weight will hang on.  Sodas are especially a terrible thing to put into your body on a regular basis. […]

Post Bariatric Surgery Smoothies !

Post Bariatric Surgery Smoothies ! Pre and Post bariatric surgery, you will be required to drink protein shakes and they will make up a big part of your nutritional regimen for the first few months.  Please take a moment to pack your shakes with ingredients that will give you the biggest nutritional bang for your […]

Post Op Grocery Shop with Nutritionist Sheri

Here’s your chance to go post op bariatric grocery shopping with your RHN – Registered Holistic Nutritionist Sheri. Let’s go grocery shopping together !  We will first shop like we are “one year post op bariatric surgery” and then we will do a 2nd spin around the supermarket pretending that we are getting ready for […]

Which Diet Is Right For You

There are so many options out there for the newest greatest way to eat.  The most popular options at this very moment in time are Vegan, Keto, Paleo, HFLC, Raw Food, South Beach, Whole30 – what do we follow ? Which one will work for us? – how exhausting…. even for myself, a nutritionist. What […]

Feeling Hungry Post Bariatric Surgery.

We all believe that after we have bariatric surgery “POOF” the feeling of being hungry will just disappear and never come back again – at least that’s what we have read online so why shouldn’t it be true ?  Once you are no longer in the honeymoon period and you are fully recovered and eating […]

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