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Others Are Watching, Pay it Forward – Bariatric Edition

  It’s the beginning of December!  What happened to the other 11 months of the year?  This year has gone by so quickly and I have had the delight of working with so many of you in 2019.  I appreciate every one of you.  I get to cheer you on as you embark on your […]

Post-Thanksgiving Re-Boot Eating Plan

Post-Thanksgiving Re-Boot Eating Plan / what to do when you overeat?   Here we are!  Ready for a huge Thanksgiving Feast.  Family, Food, Fun and a bit (or a lot) of our Favorite drinks!   I am over here in Canada so we celebrated our Thanksgiving last month BUT, I know all about how you […]

Bariatric Surgery To live on a Diet Bariatric Edition

Why the heck did I have bariatric surgery if I now have to live on a diet?    Ever see a friend or family member have bariatric surgery, lose the weight they needed to lose, and then regain a portion or ALL of their weight back?     Are you a new post-op?  Are you […]

Free Bariatric Friendly Download – Paleo Style!

  I have a mid-November gift for all of you who take the time to read my blogs and watch my videos.  I consider myself your “bariatric low-carb, registered holistic nutritionist RHN” and I am always looking for ways to incorporate healthy ideas into your daily lifestyle.   Last week I wrote a blog and […]

What the Paleo? Bariatric Edition

Another week speeds by.  Halloween is in the rearview mirror and for us Canadians, so is Thanksgiving.  For my American friends, Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away and for all of us, Christmas is only 8 weeks away.   Holy Smokes!  The time is flying…     This is a blog that I wanted […]

Carbs and Stress are Sneaky Buggers Edition

I love my job as a bariatric nutritionist and surgery coordinator.   What a fun topic this is for me – I have had the opportunity to work side by side with weight loss surgery clients for 13 years now – what a wonderful job I have.  I mean, I get to see people THRIVE […]

Comparison Is The Thief of Joy – Bariatric Edition

  This is a BIG topic because we ALL experience it.     Who doesn’t compare their bariatric journey with their neighbor?   Who doesn’t compare their losses to the other people in their FB support group or the bariatric forums that most of us are a member of?   Who doesn’t wonder “why the […]

Predictor of Re-Gain – Bariatric Edition

I hope that you all had a terrific week last week and that you are geared up for another spectacular one.   I make it my business each week to help you to make good choices.  I want you to succeed.  I root for you every day.  I cheer you on and I care about […]

My Meal Plan This Week Bariatric Edition

I am starting my week by writing this blog. You see, I’ve been in California (Disneyland and Universal Studios) for the past few days.  I am from Ottawa, Canada so it’s a pretty big trip for myself and my two teens.  I spoke at a National Bariatric Convention called ObesityHelp #OH2019 last Friday.  My topic […]

Sexy Kitchen Boss Babe – Bariatric Edition

When I talk about “self-care”, you often hear me discussing manicures vs workouts OR salons vs kitchens. I used to feel that self-care occurred in the nail salon as I went for my manis and pedis.  I used to feel that self-care belonged in the hands of my hairstylist.  My life is so busy today […]

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